Valparaiso Creativity Lab (VCL)

Welcome to the VCL!

The Valparaiso Community Library is happy to offer our patrons a makerspace: the Valparaiso Creativity Lab is a community resource to foster learning, creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship through open access to the right tools and technology.

Everyone is welcome to come learn, tinker, and create. We have an assortment of small power tools, a sewing machine, a Silhouette cutting machine, and a 3D printer for patron use!

Submit your requests for 3D objects using our Google Form!
Submit your requests for 3D objects using the Google Form link below. Whether you want to design your own or download an already designed STL file, use this form to receive an estimate of how much time your print will take and the monetary costs. We charge minimal fees for materials. Printed objects must adhere to the library's 3D printer policies.

3-D Printer Sign Up
Sign up to use the Valparaiso Community Library 3-D Printer! Files must be in STL format, and objects printed must adhere to the library policies. Contact us at (850) 729-5406 or

Checkout Thingiverse for ready-to-print STL files!
STL stands for either "Standard Triangle Language" or "Standard Tessellation Language." It's the language 3D printers like ours understand. In order for our printer to work, the files printed must be in STL format.  Thingiverse has lots of already designed objects in the STL format that our printer can use!

Create your own 3D objects by making an STL file at TinkerCAD!

TinkerCAD is a free, entry-level computer-aided design (CAD) software from Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD. With pre-loaded shapes and easy-to-use design tools, TinkerCAD is a great program to create your own 3D objects and learn the basics of CAD software.

Convert your images into SVG files to be uploaded into TinkerCAD here!
Want to bring your child's drawing to life? Would you like to design your own personalized cookie cutter using a photo of your pet? It can be done! You can convert any image to an SVG file by uploading it to this image converter site. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files are image files that are more easily scaled and animated because the pixels are arranged in a different way than those in JPEG, PNG, or GIF files. SVG files can then be uploaded to TinkerCAD and translated into STL files. 

Review 3-D Printer Frequently Asked Questions

Please call the library at (850) 729-5406 for further assistance.