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Computers and Equipment

The Valparaiso Community Library has 18 public computers for patron use. Library cards are required in order to use the computers for internet searches, emailing, gaming, social networking, and more. Each computer is equipped with Microsoft Office™ software which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Individuals must use their own library card or guest computer pass to access library computers. Please note, the Internet Use Policy is applicable to all library computers and the wireless network.

Registered Library Cards:

Registered library cards are required for computer use. You must use your own library card to access library computers. Please see staff to obtain a library card.

Guest Computer Use Cards:

Intended for use by temporary visitors who need short-term access to computer applications, e-mail and the internet but do not need a regular library card. Guest passes are limited to one-time use only.

Printing from computers:

Black & white printing is available and cost 15 cents per page.
Color printing is not available.wi-fi
Unclaimed prints are automatically deleted after one hour.

Wi-Fi Access:

The Valparaiso Community Library offers free Wi-Fi access during normal business hours. Please see library staff to receive the daily pass code.

Copy Machine:

Our copy machine provides a variety of useful functions such as double-sided copying, collating, and color prints. Copies are 25 cents each for black & white and 50 cents each for color. 

Fax Machine:

Our fax machine is available for incoming and outgoing faxes. Outgoing or sending local faxes are $1.00 per page (long-distance faxes are $2.00 per page). Incoming or receiving faxes are $1.00 per page. A free confirmation receipt is available upon request. All faxes should be processed 20 minutes before closing time. Please see a library staff member for assistance.

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