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E-Books and Digital Audiobooks

Along with OverDrive digital media content, patrons now have access to additional e-book and e-audio titles through RB digital. E-books and digital audiobooks are accessible by downloading material from the Okaloosa County Digital Library onto compatible e-reading devices. Library cards are required in order to access e-books and/or digital audiobooks.

RB™ digital allows multiple, simultaneous checkouts on most titles. An unlocked padlock image indicates multiple users are allowed to checkout the same title. A locked padlock indicates only one copy is available for checkout. First-time users will need to register under "Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative" as their home library. Click the RB digital image below to get started or view the help and tutorial webpages.


Checkout period for OverDrive™ content is limited to seven (7) days or an optional fourteen (14) days, if available. E-books and digital audiobooks are available on an individual basis (single copy is shared among county public libraries). However users can place holds on items which are currently unavailable for checkout. Click the OverDrive graphic below to get started.


E-Book & Digital Audiobook Checkout Procedure:

Users can search the online card catalog for available e-books and digital audiobooks. Available titles include fiction and nonfiction material. E-Books and digital audiobooks are downloaded, via the internet, onto individual e-reading devices. Simply select and download available electronic materials directly to your e-reading device. Compatible devices may include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other wireless e-readers. Learn more information on how to borrow, read, or listen to e-books and audios.

Registered Library Cards:

Registered library cards are required to access e-books, digital audiobooks, and/or other digital content. You must use your own library card to access any available digitized content. Visit our library card webpage for instructions to obtain a library card. Library staff is available if you need assistance with accessing e-books or digital audiobooks.

Compatible E-Readers:

Various compatible e-reading devices include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other wireless e-readers. E-books are offered in various electronic formats such as Kindle book, OverDrive Read, PDF e-book, EPUB books, and OPEN EPUB books. The accessibility of specific e-book formats are solely determined by your specific device. Click to view list of compatible devices.

Wi-Fi (wireless) Network:

The Valparaiso Community Library offers free Wi-Fi service during normal business hours. While visiting the library, you can easily download e-books or digital audiobooks using our wireless network. Please note, the Internet Use Policy is applicable to all library computers and the wireless network.

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