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Library Services

The Valparaiso Community Library offers a host of services ranging from borrowing print or electronic books (e-books) to 18 public computers for patron use. Each computer is equipped with Microsoft Office™ software which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Other technology services include copier, printer, fax machine, and wireless network. wireless devices

Library cards are required in order to checkout material or to use the computers. Individuals must use their own library card or guest computer pass to access library computers. The Internet Use Policy is applicable to all library computers and devices utilizing the library's wireless network. Below are examples of our library services.



Borrowing Library Materials
Registered library cards are required to checkout any library material. Available materials include books, audiobooks, e-books, digital audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games. Some print reference material is available for checkout. You must use your own library card to checkout library materials. Please see staff to obtain a library card.
Guest Computer Use Cards
Guest computer use cards are intended for use by temporary visitors who need short-term access to computer programs, e-mail and the internet but do not need a regular library card. Guest passes are limited to one-time use only. Please see staff to obtain a guest computer use card.
Wi-Fi (wireless) Network
The Valparaiso Community Library offers free Wi-Fi service during normal business hours. Wi-Fi network is available for most wireless devices. Please note, the Internet Use Policy is applicable to any wireless device using the library's wireless network. Wireless printing is not available. Please see library staff to receive the wireless network password.
Printing from Computers
Black & white printing cost 15 cents per page
Color printing is not available
Wireless printing is not available
Unclaimed prints are automatically deleted after one hour
Copy Machine
Copier machine prints in black & white or color. B&W copies cost 25 cents each and 50 cents each for color. The copier is USB-enabled which allow users to print directly from USB devices. 
Fax Machine
A fax machine is available for incoming and outgoing faxes. Our fax number is (850) 729-1120. Outgoing or sending local faxes cost $1.00 per page (long-distance faxes cost $2.00 per page). All incoming or receiving faxes are $1.00 per page. A free confirmation receipt is available upon request. All faxes should be processed 20 minutes before closing time. Please see a library staff member for assistance.
Meeting Room
Our library offers a meeting room complete with a six-person conference table (more seating available). Other amenities include a large, double-sided dry erase board, 42-inch flat screen television, and free Wi-Fi service. The room is currently used for various programs such as tutoring, genealogy class, knitting club, and foreign language lessons. Please call the library at (850) 729-5406 for availability.
Local Courier Service
Patrons can search and request items from other Okaloosa County public libraries.  Requested items can be delivered to the library location of your choice and generally take one week to arrive. We will call to inform you when requested items arrive. Patrons have 5 days to pickup requested items or the items are returned to the owning library. In addition, we also offer Inter-library loans to request material from other libraries located outside of the county and state. Please see the library cataloger after completing the inter-library loan form for processing.


E-Books and Digital Audiobook FAQ's


The Valparaiso Community Library and the Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative are pleased to offer electronic books (e-books) and digital audiobooks for your convenience. Click each question below to view frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, please call the library at (850) 729-5406.


How do I access e-books & digital audiobooks?
E-books and digital audiobooks are accessible by downloading material from the Okaloosa County Digital Library onto compatible e-reading devices. Users must have a registered library card from an Okaloosa County public library in order to checkout e-books or digitial audiobooks.
What is the checkout period for e-books & digital audiobooks?
Checkout period for digital content is limited to seven (7) days or you may choose fourteen (14) days, if available. Library cards are required in order to access e-books and/or digital audiobooks.
How do I checkout e-books & digital audiobooks?
Users can search the online card catalog for available e-books and digital audiobooks. Available titles include fiction and nonfiction material. E-Books and digital audiobooks are downloaded, via the internet, onto individual e-reading devices. Simply select and download available electronic materials directly to your e-reading device.
How do I return e-books & digital audiobooks?
There are several options for returning e-books or audiobooks early. Specific return instructions are available for each device used to access/checkout digital content. View helpful information about returning e-books and audiobooks.
Which devices are compatible for accessing digital content?
Various compatible e-reading devices include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other wireless e-readers. Click to view list of compatible devices.
Do you offer e-books in various digital formats?
E-books are offered in various electronic formats such as Kindle book, OverDrive Read, PDF e-book, EPUB books, and OPEN EPUB books. The accessibility of specific e-book formats are solely determined by your specific device.


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